Our Program

Our desire is to empower children living on the streets while giving them an education and allowing them to be positive contributing members of their community.

Our Program

A typical day...

A typical day at Jinja Connection starts very early. The children start arriving at 7 am where they follow a hygiene routine that includes bathing washing their clothes and brushing their teeth.

They have porridge for breakfast followed by bible study and physical education. Then break off into classes that are taught by our qualified Ugandan teachers. Many of the children have not been in school for years and for some this is their first opportunity to learn so they are assessed based on their knowledge.

They are in class until 1:30 pm when they then have posho and beans for lunch, a typical filling African staple food. After lunch, we do a variety of different activities including arts & crafts, football and individual or group counselling sessions.

Breaking It Down

We Provide


2 Hot Meals


Opportunity To Shower & Wash Clothes


One-On-One Counselling


Engaging Lessons


Organized Games/Activities


Home Resettling


As Jinja Connection welcomes and serves these children, we also meet regularly, one-on-one, to assess a child’s current and home situation. With the help of our staff, we are able to trace the child and visit their homes. It is our goal to return the children to their home, when appropriate, or rehabilitate them into a home.

Resettling Home

Working alongside the willing family, Jinja Connection provides school fees, supports the family where necessary and ensures that both family and child are happy and safe together. If they are unable to resettle them home, they then look to partner with organizations to provide long-term stability.