Resettling Children At Home

Our Procedure

At Jinja Connection we serve a wide variety of children coming from very different backgrounds. Our staff go on daily street walks to interact and establish relationships with the children to identify which may be in need of our program.

Once in our program, Jinja Connection’s social workers home trace the children in the program so we can see where the child has come from. Our staff then counsel the families through the issues that caused the child to turn to the streets. If it is possible for the child to be resettled than this is the ideal situation. At home, we then register the child in the local school. If the home situation is not safe for the child to return home we then look into placing them into residential homes or foster families.

Family Participation

Once a child is resettled, Jinja Connection helps by paying school fees to take the pressure off the family. However, we do require the families to contribute in some way to these costs. We keep in contact regularly to see how the whole family is doing.

We feel that, where possible, it is very important for the children to be with family, learning within their own culture how to grow.