How to Sell Importance Of Consent Letters to a Skeptic

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Office of Extramural Research.

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Abbreviations such as DNA, HIV and AIDS that have come to be accepted as standard by your proposed study population need not be spelled out.

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This presumption can be rebutted, for instance, in circumstances of mental illness.

It is your responsibility to protect participants from harm, as well as ensure that they have an equal opportunity to experience the possible benefits of involvement.

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Mailback questionnaires are considered anonymous only if no tracking codes are utilized.

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It identifies which rights participants might have by virtue of any consent form they have signed and which legal remedies might be available to them should the research depart from the terms of the original consent.

The investigator should document the qualifications of the translator, whether themselves or another person, in that language. Rather than reject marginal research outright, some IRBs will tell investigators how to improve the scientific merit of the research. Design interventions that meet the goal of increasing empathy and decreasing shame.