How Do You Say Someone Did A Good Job?

What is another word for good job?

What is another word for good job?great jobawesomegreat worknice jobnice workfine jobgreat efforttop effortwell donekeep it up14 more rows.

How do you say you’re doing great?

Here are some more ways to say that you’re doing great. Tell yourself you are doing great and tell others as well….Try some of these thoughts to help you along the way.Exactly right!Beaut!Not bad!You make it look easy1.I’ve never seen you do it better!Superb!Wonderful!You’re getting better every minute!More items…•

How do you respond when someone says keep up the good work?

Say “thanks.” Begin your response by saying “thank you.” And sound like you mean it….Share the credit. … Return the compliment. … Keep it short. … Respond quickly to email compliments. … Manage your “impostor syndrome.” Sometimes high achievers find it extremely difficult to hear praise, believing they don’t really deserve it.

How do you reply to that’s good?

The best answer is to say “thanks” acknowledging the other person’s well wishes. You might also respond with a simple “yep,” a more informal acknowledgment.

What does keep up the hard work mean?

To continue performing or executing one’s duties to an established degree of excellence or adequacy. Usually used as a phrase of praise and encouragement.

How do you use well done?

used as a way of praising someone and saying that you are pleased about and approve of something they have done: “I passed the test.” “Well done!”

How do you say way to go?

way to gowell done. phr. & int.good job. phr. & int.nice work. phr. & int.way forward. phr.keep it up. phr.good work. phr. & int.keep up the good work. phr.course of action. phr.More items…

What are different ways to say well done?

21 ways to say “well done”I’m proud you’re on my team.Congratulations on a terrific job.You’re so helpful. Thank you.You continually improve. Well done.Thanks so much for your consistent effort.I really admire your perseverance.Your cheerful mood lifts the team’s spirit.You’re a champion.More items…•

What is keep up the good work?

Definition of keep up the good work : to continue doing good work He was told to keep up the good work.

Can I say I’m good?

The verb “am,” however, involves special circumstances that make “I’m good” a perfectly acceptable answer. It’s true that adverbs, not adjectives, are used to modify most verbs. For example, “We danced well,” not “We danced good.” Adjectives are only used to describe nouns, as in “We performed a good dance.”

What should I say instead of good?

Improve Your English Vocabulary: 10 Great Alternatives to “Good”Cool. In addition to being used to describe temperature, “cool” also means very good or fashionable. … Excellent. “Excellent” is used to describe something very good or of high quality. … Wonderful. … Perfect. … Fantastic. … Exceptional. … Terrific. … Outstanding.More items…

What can I say instead of keep it up?

What is another word for keep it up?plough onperseverecontinuepersistbe persistentcarry ongo onkeep goingkeep onbe determined75 more rows

How do you praise your skills?

“Way to go/ Good job” Another informal way of giving praise for something someone has done well.“Way to go, Jack. I knew you could do it.” (This is more informal than the expression below)“Good/Excellent idea” A: “Pizza, anyone?” … “You’re a genius” “You’re a genius. … “Compliments to the chef!” … “Bravo!”