How Many Days Is Giga Surf 299?

How do you add more data?

Check your plan, buy data & control notificationsOpen your Settings app.Tap Google.

Mobile data plan.

To check your plan: At the top, see your current data plan status.

To buy more data: Under “Buy data,” tap the offer you want.

Then tap Buy..

Can I downgrade my Smart postpaid plan?

SMART on Twitter: “@alremojo Yes, you can downgrade your current plan. Just visit the nearest SMART Store in your area.

What HomeSURF 199?

HomeSURF is our new consumable mobile promo exclusive for Home Prepaid WiFi that gives you bulk megabytes of mobile data consumable per kilobyte. It also allows you to play, surf, post, like and more!

What is surfmax50?

SURFMAX 50 (SMART) – All Day Surfing – Smart Promo. With SURFMAX 50, You can surf all day for just 50 pesos only. It offers 2G, 3G & 4G connection, it defends on your location. This promo allows you to surf all day up to 800MB Data to its optimum speed.

How do I stop all out surf 30?

TM All-In Surf 30 Promo To check your remaining call, text and data, just text AS30 STATUS to 8080. If you want to stop or unsubscribe the promo, you can text AS30 STOP to 8080.

What is GigaSurf?

GigaSurf promos are affordable mobile Internet packages for Smart and TNT subscribers. … Smart GigaSurf promos are bulk mobile data packages that can be registered by Smart and TNT prepaid subscribers. A GigaSurf promo gives you a specific amount of Internet data and set validity period.

Which is better all out surf 99 vs GigaSurf 99?

Smart All Out gives you more mixed services while Smart Giga Surf gives you more mobile data allocation. Smart All Out gives you more mixed services while Smart Giga Surf gives you more mobile data allocation.

What GigaSurf 299?

By subscribing to Smart Giga Surf 299 mobile data promo, you are able to unlock all the possibilities of online existence and greatness. It comes with 2GB mobile data bandwidth, 1.1GB for iflix, Youtube, Spinnr, Viemo Dailymotion & Dubsmash for 30 days and a free Youtube up to 1 hour (1GB/day*).

What is Giga surf video everyday?

For mobile users, Smart has a revised “Video Every Day” promo, in which any subscription to a GigaSurf data package will come with 1 hour of access (or 1GB of data, whichever comes first) daily to YouTube, iFlix, iWant TV, Cignal Play, and NBA League Pass, as long as the GigaSurf subscription remains valid.

Which is better Globe or Smart Data?

Best for Data Availability and Speed The report reveals that across all regions, Globe has better availability while Smart has better speeds in 4G. … Meanwhile, Smart users with 4G signal have an average download speed of 10.6 Mbps, while Globe’s 4G speed flitted in between 7 and 8Mbps.

What is Data booster in smart?

When you have less than 200MB left on your data allowance, you will receive a text notification indicating your balance. During this time, you may already opt to avail of a Data Booster through your myPLDT Smart app. … You will then be redirected to a Paywall through your browser where you ca n avail of Data Boosters.

Which postpaid plan is the best?

The GX50 postpaid plan from U Mobile is your best option if you want unlimited Internet on your smartphone at really cheap price. U Mobile GX50 Postpaid Plan: Unlimited Internet at a maximum speed of 5Mbps. Unlimited Calls to all local networks.

Is Smart faster than globe?

(Smart Communications) and Globe Telecom. The results showed that Smart provided the fastest LTE speed, at 9.87 megabits per second, ahead of Globe’s 7.4 mbps. On the other hand, Globe had better coverage, with its subscribers getting an LTE signal more than half the time at 55.3 percent.

How can I cut my Smart postpaid plan?

For accounts within contract, processing fee of P336 and pre-termination fee apply….In the event that you need to temporarily disconnect your Smart Postpaid or Infinity line, please visit any Smart Store and prepare the following:Letter of Undertaking.Valid ID.Affidavit of Loss (for lost mobile phone or SIM)

How can I add 1gb to GigaSurf?

For those who aren’t subscribers yet, all you need to do is to get a non-LTE Home WiFi and subscribe to GIGASURF50. With an additional PHP 15.00 they can avail the new Boost 15 promo that adds that 1GB for one day by sending BOOST15 to 9999 or 2200.

How do I cancel Giga Surf 299?

Hi @janezamar. To opt-out of your auto-renew add-ons, simply text STOP to 9999, and your registered service will expire on your bill cutoff.

How do I add data to my smart GigaSurf?

Go to the Smart Online Store and click on Add-Ons in the menu. (You may also click this link.) Select your Smart brand, account type or plan on the left menu. Select your preferred promo, Flexibundle or package category (call, text, data or VAS) and choose the add-on you want to purchase.

Which is better SurfMax or Giga surf?

GigaSurf has slightly larger data allocation and the same call-and-text packs as AllOutSurf but doesn’t offer Unli-FB. 3. SurfMax promos, which are slightly more pricey than AllOutSurf and GigaSurf – have the largest data allocation of the bunch; In fact, they don’t have any specific data cap.

How do I turn off smart promo giga50?

Unsubscribe from SMS-VAS (Value Added Services) subscriptionsYou will receive a notification indicating all the services you are subscribed to.Follow the instructions on how to cancel the service. … You may also send STOP ALL to a specific access number to unsubscribe to all services from that source.To stop receiving alerts from SMART, send ALERTS OFF to 211.

Which is better iFlix or Netflix?

So iFlix has a more hyper-localized strategy, is focused on mass-market consumers, and offers a number of flexible payment options. On the other hand, Netflix is relatively expensive, needs a fast and stable internet connection, but offers better content, HD quality video, and popular original programming.

Where can I use Smart Video everyday?

If you’re a film and series junkie, you can use up your Video Every Day on top Hollywood, Asian and local movies and TV series from iflix; indulge in your favorite Kapamilya movies, telenovelas and exclusive content on iWant; or stream the best shows on from the country’s leading satellite service provider via Cignal …