Question: How Do I Change The Language Of An App?

How do I change my Iqiyi app to English?

Steps for Iqiyi English version Go to


Type down to translate that site.

Press enter to translate..

How do I change my Youku app to English?

Join into Youku Inc. and ask them to add Languages settings….To visit the Youku English website follow these few easy steps:Go to .Set languages translate Chinese to English.Type down to translate that. Press enter to translate.Follow the link of the result.

How do I change my game language to English?

The language of many games can be changed independently from the Steam client language.Log into your Steam account.Right click on a game from the Steam game library and choose Properties.Go to the Language tab.Select the language you wish to use from the drop-down menu.Click OK.More items…

How do I change the language on my Iphone apps?

Next, head to the main Settings screen and scroll down until you see an alphabetical list of installed apps. Tap the app you want to modify language settings for. You’ll see a “Language” option under Preferred Language. Tap it and select the language you want to use for that app.

How do I change my Chinese app to English?

Guide to change the system language on AndroidGo to “Settings” From your app drawer, look for the Android settings icon. … Go to “Language & Input” In the settings menu, scroll down until you find a menu with an “A” icon. … Change language. In the Language & Input menu, select the top option.

Can you change the language of my phone?

Tap Language & input (globe icon). … Tap Languages (icon with multilingual characters). Choose Add a language (plus button).

How do I change the language on Need for Speed Carbon?

go to start/Run then type REGEDIT then choose hkey_local_machine then software then need for seed carbon then click on languagge one click it will appear on the right sied Languagge:german double click on it then rename it and type english . it will be english 🙂 .

How do I change my IOS app from Chinese to English?

Set the device language to English.After the language is set, go to Settings -> iTunes & App Store, tap on “Apple ID” then choose “View Apple ID”.Once signed in, choose “Country/Region”, then “Change Country or Region”.Under the list of countries, choose your country.More items…