Question: How Do I Deposit Money Into My EcoCash FCA Account?

How do I deposit money into my EcoCash FCA?

How To Use The EcoCash USD-Foreign Currency Wallet (FCA Wallet)First off, dial *151# to enter your Ecocash password.

Choose option 5, “ Multicurrency”Choose option 2, “Change Currency”There is only one option, so enter 1.Confirm your selection by entering 1, “Confirm”More items…•Dec 4, 2018.

How do I send money from Zimbabwe to South Africa using EcoCash?

SEND MONEYDial *130*567# (no airtime required)Select EcoCash as method of receiving cash.Pay for your order at any of the following:

How does FCA account work?

If you have a foreign currency account (FCA), you can nolonger withdraw your forex to buy or pay some stuff in Zimbabwe. That means when you go to the bank to withdraw your money in the FCA you will receive Zim dollars (RTGS dollars- RTGS money, bond notes and coins).

How do I open an FCA account?

To open a Dura Lite FCA account:Dial *236#,Select Open Steward Bank Account,Agree to the Terms and Conditions,Select Account Type: Individual FCA,Select category: New Customer or.Selects Customer category: Existing Customer,You will receive an SMS confirming your FCA account number.More items…

How do I check my FCA steward balance?

Dial *236# today and instantly open a Steward Bank account in 60 seconds.

How can I check my bank steward balance?

USSD BankingDial *210# (A menu shows up with option 1 Register (T&Cs Apply) Option 2 Exit)Choose option 1 & press Send.Enter phone number registered with the bank & press Send.Enter your Steward Bank account Number & press Send.Input last 4 digits of the SB ZimSwitch Card & press Send.More items…

How do I register my phone with EcoCash?

Simply dial *151#, enter PIN, answer any three questions and confirm. This is a one time registration process, once you register, you are good to GO! 2 people like this. My Ecocash pin has been long.

How do I buy airtime with EcoCash FCA?

Buy airtime using your EcoCash FCA wallet & Enjoy DOUBLE the value! Dial *151*7*5# 100% bonus guaranteed! Stay safe, Stay Connected!

How do I access EcoCash bureau de change?

Simply dial *150# to access the EcoCash Bureau de Change & be the Smart Change Money. It’s convenient, its SIMPLE.

How does EcoCash send USD?

SEND MONEY Select “Receive Option”: Pick up at any agent. Select “Receive currency”: USD. Select a payment method. Give the recipient the MoneyGram transaction reference number to collect the money via EcoCash.

How do you use EcoCash?

ECOCASH QR SCAN & PAYLog on to EcoCash mobile app.Select “Make payment” option, then “QR Pay”Scan QR code to make payment.Enter amount to pay.Enter EcoCash pin.Receive payment confirmation and new wallet balance.

Can I receive USD on EcoCash?

From your EcoCash USD FCA Wallet you can now Pay Merchant & Bill Payments at all USD accepting stores, Buy Buddie Airtime for yourself & others, Send Money ( USD ) to another EcoCash USD FCA Wallet number, Use your MasterCard & VCN for International Payments & finally Cash Out in USD should you need to.

Can you send money to EcoCash?

EcoCash Mobile Money Money is added instantly to EcoCash accounts. Please check that the recipient already has a Mobile Money account. You will need their Mobile Money number.