Question: How Do I Enter MyAudi Pin Into MMI?

How do I activate my Audi app?

To set yourself as the Key User for your vehicle, log in to myAudi at and follow these steps to complete the Key User and vehicle pairing process.

Then, you will be able to make full use of your compatible connected vehicle services..

How do you get to the hidden menu on an Audi MMI?

Access MMI hidden green menu Press and hold together button: SETUP & CAR (or MENU & CAR).

What does Audi MMI Connect do?

Audi connect represents the digital connection between driver, vehicle, and infrastructure. It bundles all structures that use online connectivity with the vehicle to provide real-time information and multiple digital functions.

How do I connect Audi MMI?

Start your vehicle • Press the Menu function button on the MMI® system and choose “Audi connect” in the MMI® display • Open the options menu • Select “Audi connect user management” • Select “Key user” • Select “Set key user” • Enter your myAudi account User name exactly as is reflected in the registration email • NOTE: …

How do I get my PIN for Audi connect?

You can find it under the scratch-off plastic tag attached to the key fob. Open the tag and scratch off the top to uncover the 10-digit Vehicle Code. *Note: the vehicle code is case sensitive so ensure that appropriate characters have been capitalized as needed. must enter the 8-digit myAudi PIN into the MMI.

How do I reset my Audi pin?

Log into the myAudi portal at Audi Connect Services.Select Menu in the upper left hand corner of the page.Select Audi Connect User Management.Select “Change PIN”

Where is the 8 digit PIN on an Audi MMI?

Step 1. Locate your 8-digit Audi Connect PIN – this will be provided under your vehicle profile when you add your vehicle to your myAudi account (you can also find it in the MMI Connect app under Settings).

Can I start my car with Audi connect?

Audi has digitalized the conventional vehicle key and transferred it to the user’s smartphone in the form of the Audi connect key. It is used to unlock and lock the car, and authorizes engine start-up. Communication between the vehicle and the smartphone is by near field communication (NFC).

Does Audi have an app for remote start?

Remote vehicle access Whether you want to let someone in or keep someone out, the myAudi app can lock and unlock your vehicle. Near or far, you have control of your Audi from your smartphone.

Which Audi MMI do I have?

The easiest way is to check the software version that is loaded in the system. To do this, enter the car menu by pressing the CAR button, then press SETUP or MENU, then select the “Version” submenu and read the value from the line marked with the letters “SW“.