Question: How Do I Set Session Timeout To Infinite In Web Config?

What is the default session timeout?

Specifies the number of minutes that a session can remain idle before the server terminates it automatically.

The default is 10 minutes..

What is the maximum execution timeout in web config?

Remarks. The ExecutionTimeout property indicates the maximum number of seconds a request is allowed to execute before being automatically shut down by ASP.NET. The default is 110 seconds. This time-out applies only if the debug attribute in the element is set to false .

Where do I put httpRuntime in web config?

config file by adding ASP.NET HTTP runtime settings to it.Locate the web. config file in the root directory of your application (or create one if it does not already exist).Add an element and set the executionTimeout and other attributes required for your application:

What is default HTTP request timeout?

The default value is 100,000 milliseconds (100 seconds). To set an infinite timeout, set the property value to InfiniteTimeSpan.

How can you maintain session state in the web tier?

Session state can be stored in a cookie on the client tier for use by the server when formulating responses.Rewrite URLs to include the encoded state. URL rewriting is the technique of encoding every URL on a served page to include client-side session state. … Keep the state in hidden form variables.

How do I set request timeout in web config?

To modify the HTTP request timeoutFrom a text editor, open the Web. config file. … Locate a line that reads: httpRuntime executionTimeout=”900″Modify the value to however many seconds you want ASP.NET to wait for a request to complete before shutting it down.Save the Web. config file.

How do I set session timeout?

There are two ways to set a session timeout in ASP.NET. First method: Go to web. config file and add following script where sessionstate timeout is set to 60 seconds.

How do I set session timeout in web API?

B. timeout attribute of sessionState element (in the web. config) can be used to change session timeout duration for ASP.NET Application. timeout value is specified in minutes. Default value is 20 minutes.

What is maxRequestLength in web config?

The property maxRequestLength indicates the maximum file upload size supported by ASP.NET. This limit can be used to prevent denial of service attacks caused by users posting large files to the server. The size specified is in kilobytes. The default is 4096 KB (4 MB). MSDN.

How do I set session value in Web API?

Session[“Name”] = Textbox. Text; In this example we store the “TextBox” value in the Session variable “Name”….Add the following code:using System;using System. … using System. … using System. … namespace SessionMgmt. … public class SessionModel {public string UserName {get;More items…•

How do I increase the response time on Web API?

Improving Web API performanceUse the fastest JSON serializer available. … Use compression techniques. … Use faster data access strategies. … Use caching. … Use asynchronous methods judiciously.