Question: How Do I Withdraw Money From My EcoCash Account?

How do I withdraw money from EcoCash save?

To Deposit to EcoCash Save Account.

o Go to your EcoCash menu and select ‘EcoCash Save.

o Select ‘Transfer to savings’ o Enter amount.

To withdraw from EcoCash Save Account.

o Go to your EcoCash menu and select ‘EcoCash Save.

o Select “Withdraw from savings” o Enter amount..

How do I pay with EcoCash online?

How to generate a Virtual Card for online paymentsDial *151# and enter PIN.Select “Wallet Services”Select “EcoCash Debit Card”Select “EcoCash MasterCard Virtual”Get Virtual Card (VCN)Then, you will receive a message with the code to use for your transaction.

Can you transfer money from EcoCash to money?

You can now send money from your EcoCash to other bank accounts, One Money and TeleCash wallets.

Can you transfer money from EcoCash to OneMoney?

EcoCash joins ZimSwitch, you can now send money from EcoCash to OneMoney and other accounts directly.

What is my EcoCash rewards?

For every ZWL$100 spent on EcoCash, a customer gets 1 POINT PLUS equivalent to ZWL$0.20c for every point. … All the value accumulated during the promotion can be redeemed into the EcoCash wallet at the end of every month + all qualifying customers will be entered into a draw to win bigger prizes every month.

Can I use EcoCash in South Africa?

EcoCash now available in South Africa! After that, sending cash home is as simple as buying prepaid airtime. … With “EcoCash on Call Home”, Life and Love have no borders! Cash-in fee of 7% charged by FLASH to convert ZAR to USD and deposit money in your EcoCash Wallet.

How do I transfer money from EcoCash to bank account?

How to send money to other walletsDial *151#Select option 1 i.e. Send Money.Choose Option 5 i.e Send to Account.Select your destination account’s bank e.g. OneMoney or Telecash. … Enter the account number (i.e. the phone number of the person who is receiving the money)Enter the amount.More items…•Oct 2, 2020

How does EcoCash save plus work?

EcoCashSave allows you to start saving without producing proof of residence, payslip or any other form of paperwork. If you are an EcoCash customer, your phone number is your bank account. From as little as a dollar at a time, you can start saving towards your dreams anytime, anywhere.

What is an iSave account?

2: Features of an iSave Account • The account is automatically registered for banking services upon opening an account, meaning that the customer can transfer funds from the bank account to Ecocash and vice. versa. This can be done by dialing *151#, and customer selects option number 8 which is. banking services.

How do I access my EcoCash statement?

We are pleased to inform you that you can now view your mini statement via EcoCash self care by following this link

How do I reverse airtime to mobile money?

How do you reverse airtime to money?Dial the speed code *170#Reply with 7 to access mobile money wallet.Select option 5 for airtime reversal.Put the amount of transaction to be reversed.Then enter 1 for executing process reversal.You will receive confirmation SMS for successful reversal.

What is EcoCash diaspora?

EcoCash Diaspora is an exciting product designed with Zimbabweans around the world in mind. It is a safe, secure and instant way to send money to Zimbabwe. EcoCash Diaspora has partnered with various reputable agents and partners to make sending money back home more convenient, quick and stress-free.

What is EcoCash wallet?

EcoCash is an innovative mobile payment solution that enables customers to complete financial transactions directly from their mobile phone! Customers can send money to loved ones, buy airtime, pay for goods and services and much more.

How do I reverse a mobile money transfer?

Informing The MTN Ghana Customer CareDial the MTN Customer Care number (100) within the first 10 days after you made the transaction.Select your preferred language.Select the Mobile Money option.Select the Wrongful Mobile Money Transaction option.Next, select ‘Speak to an Agent’ option.More items…•Mar 24, 2021

Is EcoCash a bank?

EcoCash, is a mobile phone-based money transfer, financing and microfinancing service, launched in 2011 by Econet Wireless, for its customers in Zimbabwe….EcoCash.TypePublic limited companyIndustryBanking Financial servicesFounded29 September 2011 in Harare, ZimbabweHeadquartersHarare, Zimbabwe3 more rows

How do I get my EcoCash money?

How To Reverse EcoCash Transactions, Retrieve Money Sent To the Wrong PersonDial *150#On the menu options select Option 4: Self Help/Reversal.Then Select Option 1: Submit A Reversal.You will then be asked to enter the transaction reference number/ approval code.More items…•Feb 22, 2021

Which banks are linked to EcoCash?


What is the EcoCash limit?

So back when the RBZ issued the directive to limit mobile money transactions to ZWL$5000 and then to ZWL$35 000….EcoCash bank to wallet limits.BankAgribankTransaction Limit (ZWL$)10 000.00Daily Limit (ZWL$)35 000.00Monthly Limit (ZWL$)150 000.0012 more columns•Jan 22, 2021

How do I register myself with EcoCash?

Simply dial *151#, enter PIN, answer any three questions and confirm. This is a one time registration process, once you register, you are good to GO!