Question: How Do You Write A General Diary?

How do I write an application for the OC?

Dear Sir, With reference to above cited subject, I hereby wish to inform you, that I have lost my mobile phone today when I had gone to buy grocery.

I hereby wish to request you to please lodge FIR for the same and start the process of searching it.

Thanking you..

How do I write a letter of complaint to the police?

Tips for writing a police complaint letterDescribe the problem you have precisely.Address the relevant authority appropriately.Mention the date and place where the event occurred.Suggest what you would like to be done.Describe what are your expectations.You may mention which department you wish to handle your case.More items…•

How a letter is written?

When writing a letter, you’re ready to greet the person (or business) to whom you’re writing. Skip a space from any addresses you’ve included. Formal letters begin with “Dear” followed by the name of the receiver. If you don’t have a contact at a certain company, search online for a name, a job title, or department.

What is a full form of Gd?

General Diary (GD) is an important document maintained in an Indian Police station, which is used to record every major incident such as theft, murder, traffic accidents happened within the jurisdiction of the police station on a daily basis.

What is police diary?

A case diary is a record of daily investigation into a case. Under the provision of Section 172 of the Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC) a police officer conducting the investigation is required to maintain a record of investigation done on each day in a particular case.

What is application writing and its types?

You should know that the same (high) formal standards that apply to job applications also apply to internship application documents. … There are four basic kinds of applications: “classical” application, online application, unsolicited application, and brief application.

How can I write fir in English?

An FIR must include the following Items.Police Station…………….. District …………………….(a) Name. (b) Father’s / Husband’s Name. … a) Distance from the police station. … a) Nature of the offence (e.g. murder, theft, rape, etc.) … Description of the accused: … Important: Write your FIR in Hindi only.

How do you end a letter of complaint?

Don’t forget to end your complaint letter with a closing salutation such as “Yours sincerely” or “Sincerely” and to leave sufficient space for your signature (usually three lines).

What is difference between DDR and fir?

First Information Report ( FIR ) recorded by police regarding cognizable offence is referred to as FIR while the other reports recorded in daily diary register are referred as DDR.

What is application writing?

A written application refers to an application which includes a letter addressing the selection criteria and resume rather than an application which is lodged over the telephone or in person. Further tips and information can be found at Application Process.

How do I write FIR for lost wallet in English?

The Incharge of Police, Name of City. Respected Officer, During the travelling ( or what is your reason) from _________ to _________ with the rail ( or walk or bus or anything way), my wallet which was in pocket which has Rs.

How do you write a general diary in a police station?

Some practical tips and tricks to file a General DiaryYou need to file a GD as soon as possible to the nearest Police Station from where it is lost but before doing that please re-check the place you were just before you realize you have lost your ID. … Write your GD on your own.More items…•

What is a general diary?

General Diary, as the name suggests, is a diary which records everything that happens in a Police station. It is more like a mirror of that Police station- by going through it, a supervising officer gets a clear picture of what is happening within the station’s jurisdiction.

What is a application form?

An application form is an official document that a potential employer will require candidates to complete when applying for a vacancy. The application form allows the employer to pose a series of specific questions that every candidate must answer.

How do you write missing FIR?

Respected sir, I , s/o < father's name>, currently residing at . we have also checked at relative places as well as other possible places but were unable to trace him/her. I would request you to kindly register the complaint and take necessary action to found him/her As soon as possible.

How can I write application?

How to write an application letterReview information about the company and position.Use a professional format.Create the heading.Address the letter to the hiring manager.Open the letter by describing your interest.Outline your experience and qualifications.Include aspects of your personality.Express appreciation.More items…•

How do I write an application certificate for a police station?

Sir, I, Byomkesh Bakshi, son of Pradeep Bakshi, write this application to request you to Kindly issue my Character Certificate. I need the certificate to apply for my Visa. My date of birth is March 3rd, 1989.

How do you write a formal letter to the police commissioner?

Respected Sir,I am constrained to draw your attention to the growing menace of thieves in my locality.The policeman is a rare sight in the crowded and growing locality. … Burglary too is on the increase. … I request you to take immediate steps to stem this tide of insecurity.

How can I write application to police station for lost mobile?

You are requested to kindly register the complaint and give me an attested copy of this complaint so that I can submit this to the service provider to block the phone number and prevent potential abuse of my SIM. I shall be obliged if you kindly take action to trace and recover the lost device.

How do I write FIR for lost bank passbook?

Dear Sir/Madam, With due respect,I would like to inform you that I have lost my bank passbook on (locality) to (locality)….Answer:Bank name – ………………Account no. – …………….Account type – savings/current.Passbook no. – …………Account holder name – …………