Question: Where Is Michael Ward From?

Where is Michael Ward top boy from?

JamaicaMicheal Ward is an English actor who was born in Jamaica and raised in Romford, London.

He has appeared in various British films and television series such as Blue Story (as Marco), Top Boy (as Jamie), The A List and The Old Guard (as Lykon)..

Is Blue story and top boy connected?

Micheal Ward has said he nearly turned down a part in Blue Story because he was “afraid” it was too similar to his leading role in Top Boy. … Blue Story is about two friends, Marco, played by Ward, and Timmy, played by Stephen Odubola, who go to school together in Peckham, south London, but end up in rival gangs.

How did Michael Ward get into acting?

Jamaica-born actor Michael Ward, who was raised in Romford, Essex, was initially a model before breaking into acting. He first signed a deal with JD Sports aged 17. … According to the rising star, he first engaged with acting when his school put on a modern adaptation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, in which he played Macduff.

Is Summerhouse real?

The Summerhouse Estate is actually a fictional housing state based in Hackney, East London. While the housing complex isn’t real, fans should know that it is based around the De Beauvoir estate where the show filmed many of his iconic scenes does actually exist.

Who is Jason top boy?

Jason was portrayed throughout the Channel 4 original and Netflix revival by British actor Ricky Smarts. Despite first playing Jason back in 2013, Top Boy still remains Smarts’ only acting job.

What country is Michael Ward from?

JamaicaWard was born in Jamaica, but he grew up in Romford, Essex, where every now and then he would watch a seemingly innocuous event escalate to dangerous levels.

Who is the CEO of Harrods?

Michael Ward (2005–)Harrods/CEO

What age is Jamie in top boy?

21This is particularly evident with the season’s new top boy: Jamie, played by 21-year-old newcomer MichealWard and inspired by a Hackney resident whom Bennett met and interviewed for the show.

How old is Michael Ward?

24 years (November 18, 1995)Micheal Ward/Age

Who owns Harrods now?

QH Participations LimitedQatar Investment AuthorityHarrods/Parent organizations

How much is Michael Ward Worth?

The estimated Net Worth of Michael J Ward is at least $99 Million dollars as of 18 July 2014. Mr. Ward owns over 173,000 units of The PNC Services stock worth over $38,941,607 and over the last 17 years he sold PNC stock worth over $59,791,529.

How old is hope Ikpoku Jnr?

17Aaron – Hope Ikpoku jnr, 17, Homerton Aaron is a new member of the Top Boy cast. This is actor Hope Ikpoku’s first major role. Hope is 17-years-old and from Homerton.

How old is Keiyon cook?

twelve yearsKeiyon Cook is just twelve years old, but already hanging out with Drake after being part of the Top Boy cast.

When was Michael Ward born?

November 18, 1995 (age 24 years)Micheal Ward/Date of birth

Did Jason die in top boy?

In the brand new Netflix series, a beloved fan-favourite came to his untimely demise in the most unfortunate way and honestly we’re not still not okay. Ricky Smarts’ character Jason is burned to a crisp in episode four, which is aptly titled Bonfire Night, when a house fire breaks out in the middle of the night.