Question: Which Is The Lowest Share Price In India?

What is the share price of 10 RS?

Shares Under Rs 10 – Highest VolumeStock NamePriceVolume3i Infotech Ltd8.0015211881.00Jaiprakash Associates Ltd7.6021334948.00South Indian Bank Ltd9.0517532143.00Urja Global Ltd8.107712066.006 more rows•Feb 9, 2021.

Which share is highest price in India?

Currently, MRF has the highest share price in India among all the listed companies on BSE/NSE. The all-time high share price of MRF is Rs. 96,973. The stock is currently trading at a standalone PE of 22.66.

Which company share price is lowest in India?

BEST Low Price Shares to Buy in 2019Name of the stockLast Traded PriceP/ETerai Tea Co44.0577.72Rossell India96.9568.15Kothari Ferment.53.8521.48Anik Industries36.954.3563 more rows•May 9, 2018

Can I buy 1 lakh shares in intraday?

So you can have big losses in a single day. So answering your question, you can buy that quantity intraday which do not make the prices change too much. … Keep only 50k to 1 lakh as your intraday money and buy using MIS. CIPLA is 9x leverage, so buy some 1000 shares or so in intraday.

Is Zerodha free?

This platform is absolutely free since August 24, 2018. Here, you can make your investments without any commissions. With the help of Zerodha Coin, you can have Direct mutual funds in DEMAT form, with the convenience of one portfolio across equity, MF, currency, etc.

Why MRF share price is so high?

MRF is the most expensive stock in the Indian equity market, which costs Rs 54,488 for one share. This is because MRF has never split its stock. … The reason behind this can be that as the price of the share is high, a retail trader with small investment won’t be willing to buy MRF shares.

How can I earn 500 per day?

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Which share is best to buy?

The focus should be on stock selection of companies with efficient leverage, higher operating and free cashflows, strong cash conversion cycle and robust track record of ROEs and ROCEs….Larsen & Toubro. … Dr Reddy’s. … Dr Lal Pathlabs. … Vinati Organics. … Pidilite Ltd. … Coforge. … Kotak Mahindra Bank. … HDFC Ltd.More items…•Apr 21, 2021

Which share price will increase tomorrow?

stocks to buy tomorrow intraday NSE. Stocks going UP tomorrowCompanyToday’s MovementTomorrow’s MovementV2 Retail V2RETAIL Experts ViewBullishmight go UP Tomorrow buyWeizmann WEIZMANIND Experts ViewBullishmight go UP Tomorrow buyZuari Agro ZUARI Experts ViewBullishmight go UP Tomorrow buy22 more rows

Which is lowest share price in NSE?

52 Weeks Low NSECompany NameLTP()Today’s Low()Suryoday Small Finan234.25233.00Suvidhaa Infoserve23.8523.85Thomas Scott6.750.00Tirupati Forge27.450.009 more rows

Can I buy SBI shares now?

Giving important levels for the stock investors in regard to SBI stocks Ravi Singhal of GCL securities said, “One can buy SBI shares at current market price for short-term targets of ₹375, ₹400 and ₹425 maintaining stop loss at ₹310.”

Can I buy 10000 shares in intraday?

Remember, you cannot just trade intraday on any stock. … 10,000 (500×20) intraday. This trade does not result in any delivery as your net position at the end of the day is zero. You can also sell in the morning and buy back in the evening if you believe that the stock is likely to go down.

Which is the lowest price share?

Lowest Price Share list, trading between Rs….Lowest Price Share List:SERIAL NUMBERSTOCK SYMBOL (NSE)PRICE (IN INDIAN RUPEES)120MICRONS30.7263MOONS72.73AAKASH53.14AARON30.5155 more rows

Can I invest 100 RS in share market?

Any amount from which you can buy a stock is decent enough to start trading, no minimum money required to start trading in the Indian stock market. Here is a list of a few popular companies whose stock prices are less than Rs 100 (at the time of writing this post).