Quick Answer: Is Lindsay Denton Guilty?

Who killed Tommy Hunter?

Two other corrupt officers, Vice Squad’s Cole and Prasad, carried out the ambush, killing Akers, seriously wounding Hunter and leaving DS Denton as the only officer alive.

Cole, disguised as a nurse, eventually murdered a severely burned Tommy in hospital by injecting his drip with air..

How did Danny Waldron died in line of duty?

A police raid ends with Sergeant Danny Waldron (Daniel Mays) gunning down a suspect in cold blood, then making it look as if the dead man shot first. … But he is finally exposed by DI Denton who, having been acquitted of conspiracy to murder, dies at his hand emailing the list to AC-12.

Why is DOT called dot in line of duty?

His nickname “Dot” is a reference to Dot Cotton, a main character in the British soap opera EastEnders.

What happened to Dot Cotton in line of duty?

Season three finally revealed the identity of the caddy as DI Dot Cotton (Craig Parkinson) who was caught in the crossfire and took a bullet for his colleague DS Kate Fleming (Vicky McClure).

Does Lindsay Denton die in line of duty?

Lindsay Denton played by Keeley Hawes is killed off by Dot Cottan in thrilling episode of Line of Duty – Radio Times.

Is Ted Hastings bent?

Despite all evidence throughout season five pointing a finger to Ted Hastings being the criminal mastermind H, it turned out that it was in fact four bent coppers/lawyers: Hilton, Cottan, Gill – and one more, who is still yet to be found, presumably the focus for series six which (hurrah) has already been confirmed.

Did Steve and Lindsay sleep together?

Denton turned the tables on DS Steve Arnott (Martin Compston) by wielding a recording of them in bed together, despite Arnott still claiming they didn’t have sex.

Did Lindsay Denton know about the ambush?

“Cottan asked Akers if Denton wanted to know details, and was satisfied that she didn’t.” “In the end, we felt that it was credible that the conspirators didn’t kill Lindsay. Even if she was investigated, she knew nothing about who was really behind the ambush.

Did Danny Waldron kill himself?

Armed response leader Sergeant Danny Waldron was the main suspect of AC-12′s investigation in series three. … But after gunshots were fired, Flemming walked into the room to find Waldron had been shot, as the rest of his team stood around him. He later died, and the rest of his team claimed he killed himself.

Who is the caddy in line of duty?

Craig ParkinsonDot – played by Craig Parkinson – was the corrupt copper who made life hell for AC-12 throughout the first three series. He was codenamed “The Caddy” because he used to carry golf bags for Tommy Hunter, a local gangster, when he was a kid.

Is DS Arnott in Season 4?

The fourth series of Line of Duty, consisting of six episodes, began broadcasting on 26 March 2017 on BBC One. The series follows Superintendent Ted Hastings (Adrian Dunbar), D.S. Steve Arnott (Martin Compston) and D.S.

Is Gill Biggeloe H?

She was the fans and bookies’ favourite to be unmasked as the super-villain, H, but Gill Biggeloe was revealed to only play a small part in the criminal activities of the gang in last night’s Line of Duty.

Did Arnott sleep with Denton?

Technically Arnott didn’t sleep with Denton but he did lead her on and while she absolutely would “say anything” to gain freedom it’s also true that Arnott saw an advantage and played it, unfortunately not well enough to avoid “giving away a penalty” as Hastings so astutely remarked.

How does Lindsay Denton die?

After a thrilling car ride and what we reckon was the most tense stand-off on British television this year, Lindsay was shot dead by Cotton (Craig Parkinson) at point blank range in the passenger seat, leaving her blood and brains splattered all over the car window. But of course wily Lindsay got her revenge first.

Who killed Rod Kennedy line of duty?

PC Hari BainsWhen DI Matthew Cottan contacts PC Hari Bains regarding the death of Kennedy, it is implied that the two struggled and Bains knocked Kennedy unconscious, but did not kill him (and the hanging was done by other members of the Organised Crime Syndicate).

Does DS Arnott die?

Dot was murdered at the end of the show’s third season after being caught in the crossfire with bullets meant for DI Kate Fleming (Vicky McClure). He was revealed as the caddy in a huge twist as Kate finally realised what he had been up to all this time.

What happened Carly Kirk?

Manish Prasad and Tommy Hunter then drive up, and Hunter assaults Carly Kirk and attempts to drag her into their car. She manages to escape and run away but is perused by Prasad. In the epilogue, we learn that the body was indeed not that of Carly Kirk, and she is seen alive next to a ferry.

Who are the 3 caddies in line of duty?

By using his left hand to tap out “dot dot dot dot” (‘H’) in Morse Code, Dot was apparently trying to tell Kate that there were four “Caddies”. We now know that three of these were Dot Cottan, Gill Biggeloe, and Derek Hilton.