Quick Answer: What Is A Pious Attitude?

What are the 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit and their meanings?

The seven gifts of the Holy Spirit are wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, piety, and fear of the Lord.

While some Christans accept these as a definitive list of specific attributes, others understand them merely as examples of the Holy Spirit’s work through the faithful..

Is piety a virtue?

In spiritual terminology, piety is a virtue which may include religious devotion, spirituality, or a mixture of both. A common element in most conceptions of piety is humility.

What sanctimonious means?

adjective. making a hypocritical show of religious devotion, piety, righteousness, etc.: They resented his sanctimonious comments on immorality in America. Obsolete. holy; sacred.

Is Pious a positive word?

In contexts where speakers and listeners are religious, the word pious, which has a similar meaning, could be quite positive. However, in general use this word often has negative connotations, implying that the person is rather sanctimonious.

What does pious woman mean?

1 adj Someone who is pious is very religious and moral. He was brought up by pious female relatives., … pious acts of charity.

What does pious mean in the Bible?

adjective. having or showing a dutiful spirit of reverence for God or an earnest wish to fulfill religious obligations. characterized by a hypocritical concern with virtue or religious devotion; sanctimonious.

What does PIU mean?

: more —used to qualify an adverb or adjective used as a direction in music.

What’s another word for pious?

What is another word for pious?religiousdevoutdevotedspiritualreverentrighteousGod-fearingprayerfulchurchgoingdutiful100 more rows

What is the synonyms of Confess?

Some common synonyms of confess are acknowledge, admit, avow, and own.

What is the meaning of sincere?

adjective, sin·cer·er, sin·cer·est. free of deceit, hypocrisy, or falseness; earnest: a sincere apology. genuine; real: a sincere effort to improve; a sincere friend. pure; unmixed; unadulterated.

What is an example of piety?

Piety is defined as devotion and reverence to religious practices and God. An example of piety is going to church. (uncountable) Reverence and devotion to God. Colleen’s piety led her to make sacrifices that most people would not have made.

What is the opposite of pious?

pious(adj) having or showing or expressing reverence for a deity. “pious readings” Antonyms: godless, irreverent, impious.

What is the opposite of real?

What is the opposite of real?imaginaryfictionalvirtualfancifulfictitiousimaginednonexistentwhimsicalabstractchimeric56 more rows

Is Pious a name?

Pius (/ˈpaɪəs/ PY-əs, Latin: [ˈpiːʊs]) Latin for “pious”, is a masculine given name. Its feminine form is Pia.

What’s the meaning of devout?

adjective, de·vout·er, de·vout·est. devoted to divine worship or service; pious; religious: a devout Catholic. expressing devotion or piety: devout prayer.

How do you use pious in a sentence?

Pious sentence examplesThey were to be applied to pious uses. … He was revered by many as a saint because he was so pious. … They were pious foundations created for mutual benefit and for purposes of charity. … I was interested in learning more about the pious founders’ past.More items…

Is piety and pious the same?

noun, plural pi·e·ties. the quality or state of being pious: saintly piety. dutiful respect or regard for parents, homeland, etc.: filial piety. a pious act, remark, belief, or the like: the pieties and sacrifices of an austere life.

Is irreligious a word?

adjective. not religious; not practicing a religion and feeling no religious impulses or emotions. … showing indifference or hostility to religion: irreligious statements.