Quick Answer: What Is The Verb For Sweet?

What is the verb for taste?

verb (used with object), tast·ed, tast·ing.

to try or test the flavor or quality of (something) by taking some into the mouth: to taste food.

to eat or drink a little of: She barely tasted her dinner..

What is the verb of food?

VerbsThe Verb (infinitive form)The MeaningTo cookTo prepare food for eating by the use of heat.To cutTo divide food with a sharp instrument.To diceTo cut something into cubes.To eatThe complete action of putting food in the mouth and then biting, chewing and swallowing it.11 more rows

Is the word enjoy a verb?

The regular verb enjoy means ‘get pleasure from something’. It usually has an object: We enjoyed the movie so much.

How do you call someone sweet?

English Terms of EndearmentBaby. This is a common way to address a romantic partner (male or female). … Sweetheart. A very affectionate term for a loved one or romantic partner. … Sugar. Another term of endearment that plays on the theme of sweetness. … Dude. … Buddy. … Honey. … Son. … Bae.More items…

When people say your sweet?

Professionally: To be considered sweet means you are appreciated but viewed as someone who is not necessarily powerful or accomplished. Receptionists and Administrative Assistants are “sweet.” Not so much CEO’s. Context is everything when it comes to this diminutive “compliment.”

What is the verb for solution?

In that case, “solution” is the noun form of “solve”. There’s no need to take a noun derived from a verb and then derive yet another verb from that noun. … If by “solution” you mean a solid mixed into a liquid, then the verb is “dissolve”.

What is an adjective for taste?

adjective, tast·i·er, tast·i·est. having or showing good taste; tasteful.

What is a sweet person?

The definition of sweet is a description for a person who is nice or for something that tastes good and that is usually sugary. An example of sweet is the way you describe a generally nice girl that everyone likes.

What does sweet mean in slang?

So it’s to mean it is good or nice, but most of the time when someone explains that something is “sweet,” it’s generally something like a new car or a new house or something that’s really cool.

How do you describe sweetness?

Sugary or sweet means syrupy, candied, sugar coated, honeyed, sweetened, sugared, maybe saccharine; opposite to bitter, unsweetened or sugarless. Sweet-and-sour, a Chinese specialty and also said of a dish that has a pleasant taste and a bitter or sharp touch in contrast.

What is another name for sweet?

What is another word for sweet?sugarysweetenedsaccharinecandiedhoneyedsugaredcloyingglacésicklysugarcoated15 more rows

Is Solutionize a word?

solutionize (English) transitive – To heat (a metal alloy) to form a homogeneous solid solution.

Is Tasteable a word?

Medical definitions for tasteable The sensation of sweet, sour, salty, or bitter qualities produced by or as if by a substance placed in the mouth.

What is the adjective of sweet?

adjective, sweet·er, sweet·est. having the taste or flavor characteristic of sugar, honey, etc. producing the one of the four basic taste sensations that is not bitter, sour, or salt. not rancid or stale; fresh: This milk is still sweet. not salt or salted: sweet butter.