Quick Answer: Who Does Henry Mills End Up With?

Does Emma win custody of Henry?

Emma terminated all rights to the child thats a big strike against her already however she can foster Henry but that would be extremely difficult due to her criminal history and her history of bouncing place to place, her job as a bounty hunter, the courts wouldnt find her dependable or stable..

Did Emma Swan and hook have a baby?

Once they are brought back to the present, Emma gives birth to a baby girl named Hope and, along with Hook, attends Regina’s coronation where she is crowned “The Good Queen” of all the realms.

Does Emma get Henry?

New – In 2001, Emma finally gives birth to Henry at the prison hospital. However, the outcome takes a different twist: Instead of giving up Henry, she decides to keep him instead after she sees her son for the first time and she holds him, thus altering the outcome of her destiny thanks to Regina’s spell.

Does Peter Pan kill Henry?

‘Once Upon a Time’ Season 3 Recap — Henry Dies, Peter Pan is Rumple’s Father | TVLine.

Why did Robin die in Once Upon a Time?

Robin Hood, played by Sean Maguire, sacrificed his life to save Regina, as Hades prepared to kill the Evil Queen. Maguire himself took issue with his character’s exit, admitting that he was disappointed by how little he had to do throughout the season. “I felt like it was an abrupt end,” he told The Hollywood Reporter.

Does Henry Love Regina?

Regina does love Henry. … 2, Henry realizes that she does want to be a better mother and a better person over all. Henry is the reason Regina originally hated Emma so much. She wanted to be the only mother in her son’s life, who, as far as she’s concerned, is the only person that she loves and that matters.

Does Emma take Henry from Regina?

But at the heart of the show is family and what that means. Emma Swan and Regina Mills co-parent their son Henry, who is the biological son to Emma and the adoptive son to Regina.

Who married Emma Swan?

Killian aka HookIn Episode 2 of Season 7, Jennifer Morrison returned as Emma Swan, to help complete the fan favorite’s storyline. That included leaving her romance with Killian aka Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) on a happy note. Towards the end of Season 6, Emma and Killian actually got married.

Why did Peter Pan want Henry?

Peter Pan was testing Henry to see what level of faith he had. PP is also testing Henry’s family to see whether they always find each other. I think Henry’s heart will fuel Neverland forever. I think magic is slowly slipping away and Henry’s heart is the key to Neverland staying alive.

Who did Henry marry in Once Upon a Time?

The Once Upon a Time bosses came to D23 on Saturday armed with a ton of scoop about the upcoming rebooted season, including that new series regular Dania Ramirez will, in fact, be playing Henry’s (Andrew J. West) wife, a.k.a the mother of Lucy (Alison Fernandez), as — wait for it — a new iteration of Cinderella.

Does Henry stay with Regina?

Henry is kidnapped by Tremaine, although he is rescued by his family, reuniting with Regina, Killian and Emma. While Emma and Killian return to Storybrooke, Regina stays with Henry to find her happy ending.

Who does Henry love more Regina or Emma?

He loves them both equally. I don’t think he loved one over the other, but it seemed like he bonded with Emma a lot more and felt more hurt and betrayed when she let him down than when Regina did. Of course Regina struggled with her darkness for the entire series so he probably gave her some leeway.

How does Emma Swan die?

Though Gold (Robert Carlyle) ultimately killed the Black Fairy, breaking the curse, the Final Battle was not abated — the Black Fairy had ordered Gideon (Giles Matthey) to kill Emma, who refused to murder an innocent, thus she sacrificed herself.

Why does Gideon want to kill Emma?

However, the Black Fairy instead sends a gigantic spider through the portal to attack Emma. As they flee the spider, Gideon continues to build up Emma’s trust by apologizing for trying to kill her and assuring her that all he wants is to free the Black Fairy’s prisoners.

Why did Rumpelstiltskin kill himself?

4 Answers. Rumplestiltskin had to die simply because he believed it was the only way to save Henry and his family. The seer told Rumplestiltskin that Henry would be his undoing, which Rumplestiltskin interpreted as his death. … Rumplestiltskin could have simply used his shadow to stab Pan in the final scene and not die.